Level 4 Introductory Diploma in Management,
accredited by the Chartered Management Institute

Managers are responsible for the effective delivery of the organisations strategy on a day-to-day basis. Many managers fail to understand that managing is different from doing, and that managing is doing. Developing key management skills is essential for organisations and individuals to maintain performance.

Purpose of the course
This five-day course is aimed at developing the key skills of new and aspiring middle managers. It will give delegates fundamental skills and an understanding of the challenges of operating as manager.

Who is this course for?
This qualification provides an introduction to the C.M.I.'s Level 4 Diploma in Management. It is intended for people who are considering a move into a middle management role or those who are new to such a role.

The course
This five-day high interactive course will use a range of techniques to enhance the learning, including syndicate work, role-play, group discussion and presentations.

The course content will include:
Developing your management style
The need for clear objectives and how to set them
The importance of good delegation
Managing information and communicating
Why good communication is important to a manager
Focusing on customers and marketing
Your role in relation to the organisations goals, clients, customers and stakeholders
Planning and managing resources
How to plan and meet requirements and monitor progress
Recruiting and selecting staff
Maintaining health, safety and quality
Working with others
Why and how people learn
How to handle poor performance

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