Certificate in Management Consulting Essentials,
accredited by the Chartered Management Institute and Institute of Business Consulting

Many people in organisations have to act as 'consultants', helping other parts of their organisations work better, but not many consultants have the right skills to operate effectively in this role. Developing the key skills of a consultant is essential to continue to add value to the business.

Purpose of the course
This five-day course is to explore the role of consultants. It considers the skills, knowledge and professional behaviours required by an effective consultant. It looks at ethical standards and codes of conduct and will give you a framework to evaluate your current knowledge, skills and behaviours to plan your future development.

Who is this course for?
This qualification is for those who have to operate as consultants within their organisations or for those who are looking to move into management consultancy.

The course
This five-day high interactive course will use a range of techniques to enhance the learning, including syndicate work, role-play, group discussion and presentations.

The course content will include:
Role choices for consultants
Gaining entry as a consultant
Contracting effectively with clients
The consultancy cycle
Managing the client relationship
Planning assignments
Problem solving techniques
The Control Concept
Negotiating with clients
Being assertive
Building rapport
The SPIN technique
Force Field Analysis
Appreciative Inquiry
Action Planning

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